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School Safety – In order for our children to learn they must feel safe and secure in their schools.  Sadly, it seems like every week we read about a new school attempt to start violence in our classrooms.  As Chairman of the Middleboro Selectmen, I met with the Police Chief, Town Manager, School Superintendent and School Committee Chair and worked together to answer one simple question, how do we keep our schools safe? We came up with a plan to put police officers throughout the system using budgeted dollars.  It has received positive reviews from parents and students.

I believe each and every community should have a School Resource Officer and will help promote legislation to make that a reality. Also, any study on school violence shows the best way to prevent these horrible situations is to have the resources schools need.  We need to ensure guidance counselors are available at a reasonable ratio per student.  We need to train students and teachers in how to handle these situations. We need to be proactive not reactive.


The Environment – I have spent the better part of my life outdoors.  Whether I am fishing, hunting, canoeing or just taking my son and daughter for a walk, the time I spend outdoors is wonderful.  I am committed to ensuring future generations can have the true experience of nature. That means providing Open Space and making sure a clean environment is a priority.

I have spent many a Saturday with the Middleboro Mess movers cleaning a small of my town.  This is done with volunteers expending no tax dollars. In order to preserve Open Space, I have worked to link government and non-profit organizations.  Cooperatively, we have found resources to ensure my town has spaces for the next generation to appreciate nature.


South Coast Rail – I want to start by stating unequivocally we need rail service to Fall River and New Bedford.  We need rail service to Taunton, Berkley and many other cities and towns in the Commonwealth. Phase 1 of the South Coast Rail is a second-rate political solution, and our region deserves much better.

I have read every aspect of the state’s plan cover to cover. Here are the LOWLIGHTS;

  • It never fully meets the goals of what the South Coast Rail was proposed to do originally
  • The 90 plus minute ride will only add to Commuter’s problems
  • It ignores downtown Taunton
  • There are no plans to fix traffic problems around the areas of new stations
  • Rail service would be stretched to capacity and not allow for expansion of service
  • The plan includes provisions to build a station in Middleboro’s Water Resource Protection District
  • The State has refused to recognize concerns brought forth by the cities and towns